June 2, 2011
By GirlOfGlass13 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
GirlOfGlass13 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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I should've known my heart would ache.

Sacrificing my well being,

Wanting you to just

Hold on.

An addiction,

Brings me such a tragic rush.

Turning off all emotions this numbness is what

I've become.

A memory, such good times.

Wanting to let it go,

A promise.

I mustn't let my feelings show.

To lay down,

My tears fall down,

The place where you held me close.

No longer will your warmth

Keep me from turning


A ticket to tragedy..

For you've brought end to my being.

A void is what

You left in me,

And so,

I search to find

a fill..

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