True Inspirations

June 2, 2011
The brass plate glows brilliantly in the spotlight of the stage
With beautifully engraved words,
Boasting position and power.
Invisible words etched between the lines
Dripping with such bravado and disdain and contempt secretly saying,
“Yeah, I’m better than you.”
The cookie cutter doll-like teen manages to fake tears as she approaches the mic
Thanking everyone—
Sue, her third cousin who she hasn't seen in ten years,
Her purebred Schnauzer named Star,
And, of course, all the “little people” who helped her to where she is now—
And who does she admire?
Who does the seventeen-year old beauty queen idolize?
The celebrities, of course, with egos the size of the world,
People in society with the money, the power, and the social status, of course.
Big surprise, huh?

Before I can understand what's going on,
My friend elbows me hard in the ribs,
Practically shoving me to my feet
Since my name has been called.
My ears perk up as my name is called once again,
This time much louder with a hint of question in the tone
Echoed over the crowded auditorium.
For what, I don’t know
Nor do I particularly care.
Now that I thought about it,
I have a purpose, a mission,
And it isn't to take the plaque and make a sappy acceptance speech.
The directors shake my hand and hand over the plaque.
The object enclosed in my hands is of little value to me.
The completely impromptu speech I am about to make,
Well, that is absolutely everything to me.

“You see, as a writer, I’ve grown to admire people for their words of wisdom.
As an artist, I’ve learned to see beauty in unexpected places.
As an intellectual, I’ve begun to admire people because of their strengths
Rather than for their social status.
But more importantly, as a friend,
I’ve learned that sometimes
Just sometimes…or perhaps all of the time,
The people we should be praising are the people around us every day.
You see, I admire the girl who can hold herself together,
When the rest of the world expects her to fall apart.
I mean, she and her boyfriend have broken up.
She should be crying her eyes out, right?
No, she did that last night,
But after that, she moves on and realizes that life will go on.
But have you thought about the strength she possesses to tell people not to pity her?
Her fortitude is admirable.

“I admire the boy who can walk away,
Walk away from the imminent fight, with a poker face,
Resisting the temptation of giving the other kid a black eye.
I admire the one person who stands up for what he believes in,
When it appears that everyone else is on the opposite side.
I admire the person that finds his voice,
When he’s in a room filled with people who are afraid to speak out.
I admire the girl who makes the last minute decision that suicide is not the way out.
I admire those who question, criticize, and work hard at what they do
And those people happen to be my classmates, my friends,
And my everyday cheering section,
And I admire them for who they are
And who they aspire to be—
They’re everyday heroes in reality.
So, just saying,
You’ve all been the ones to inspire me.”

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Raawkie said...
Jul. 5, 2011 at 3:35 pm
WOW! Excellent job.
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