i hate

June 2, 2011
i hate the way you look at me
i hate the way you act
the way your a a*s hole
i hate that you push through life
the way you act only bad things happen to you
i hate that you think your the only one that gets mad
the only one that gets yelled at
i hate that you came from a private school
not dealing with bull sh!t
you always start sh!t with other people
i hate that you act so tough
but you will not fight
i hate that you "act" nice to other people
but you get pissed when i hang out with other guys
i hate you only want to talk when I'm mad
then stop when you find out whats wrong
i hate your flaws
i hate everything about you
i hate then all, but there is more
never ending list of what i hate about you
i hate everything of you Z.S.M

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