Beyond The Lilies

June 2, 2011
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I sit and stare at the beautiful lily pads
just staring
you sit beside me
but we're so far apart

what happened to that warm fuzzy feeling
i used to get when you held me?
you feel like some stranger instead of the one that owned my heart

you hold my hand
yet I feel nothing
your lips touch mine, but where is the spark?

why don't i feel the same as before?
maybe it's beacause those feelings are covered
i feel so lost and confused
but no one finds, no one clarifies

with each though i go deeper into a state of drakness
but on the outside i'm shimmering with light
i can't tell you
the words know not to come out

tears of anger and confusion leak from my eyes
how could i cry in fornt of you?
i look away, and look down upon the peaceful lilys

i can't look at you or into your eyes
if i do i'll fall again and hit the ground
the more i know. the emptier i feel

is there hope left, i don't know
the only thing that has me clung for hope
is how much i care about you despite how i feel now

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