Black Heart O' Mine

June 2, 2011
Black heart o' mine
Seared to stony ash
I'm not broken by you--
Grieving for you...
Bleeding for you...
And though I may have lost my way, all paths lead straight to you...
Shielded and separated by a wall of tears
Painted a shade of somber grey
Down poison falls down on me like a full- on rainstorm
Swallow me up and keep me from the hurt they call reality
Lie to me, convince me that I've been sick forever
And all of this is really all a dream that I made up in my sleep
But I know the difference between myself and my reflections--
Or so I had thought
I've been looking into the mirror that I've seemed to have fallen into my deep, secret, black heart o' mine
Don't tell me to come and move on from it
Tell me who do you love more...
Black heart o' mine
Seared to stony ash
Forever to be alone

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