Through Eyes, Beauty

June 2, 2011
To look out a window
You need eyes of wonder;
And you need an open mind of imagination.
With eyes like these
You can see the goodness
And not hatred.
You can see pure birds as they fly
Fly through the open air free,
Free like a lost soul and nowhere to go.
You can see the ever-growing trees
Sway in the light breeze or blow;
Blow in the heavy wind.
You can see the colorful flowers bloom
Bloom in the spring air and the fresh dew.
Oh, the dew that forms on frosty mornings
You can see the forever rising and setting sun
The sun, which brightens our mornings
And leave us to darkened nights.
You can see the moon and the stars;
Our own moon and everyone’s stars.
Which guide our separate ways through the night
And gives us glimpses of our past.
As the daydreamers stare into the space beyond the world,
A world separate of everyone else’s.
They know who they are,
And where they belong.
And to forever look out a window
With eyes of wonder,
To the world that only knows beauty
And cannot be taught otherwise.

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