My sister

June 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Who shares the last name Wallace
She makes any day decent
And will always be my role model
Who will always love me
Even if I flood her refrigerator at midnight
Or overflow the toilet and leave it

Who taught me to drive her car
In front of a police officer when I was only 15 years-old
On a boring summer night in good ole Oshkosh, Wisconsin

She is the Brewers biggest fan
And she is my biggest fan
She listens to my demands, dreams, and devastations
Who has never given up on me
And continues to believe in me

She has given people so much
And never asks for anything in return
Most importantly she has given me, Jayce
My nephew and godchild
She also has given me a brother, Josh

She is the only person who can always make fun out of a bad situation
Like our summer of working at the farm
From 7 a.m. to 7p.m.
Who knew selling corn could be fun

She always has Salt and Vinegar chips
When I come over and stay
She knows I’m a picker eater
Her door is always open for me to stay

Who owns the Seinfeld television series
And can watch them over and over again
And still get a good laugh

She loves Target as much as me
And owns more shoes then humanly possible
Who always smells like Juicy Couture
And has the cutest purses and sunglasses
Who has known me since diapers
And still loves me
Who loved playing Barbie’s and school And still acts like a little kid with me
When we sneak into the apartments and swim at midnight

She listens to me ramble and rave about racing
And is up in the stands watching
Even when I don’t win
She is still my biggest fan
Watching me play in the dirt
Every Friday night

She encourages me to be the best I can
Even after I repeated first grade
It wasn’t easy
But she is so supportive

She never gives up
Even after disasters
Like when the Ford Escort burnt down

She is full of forgiveness and love
And has taught me these traits after I had my first major breakup like with Todd
I thought I was dying
But really I was scared

Mara is a loving
and Friend
Nobody can replace her
She is priceless
I’m proud to call her my sister


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