why you?

June 2, 2011
By krystal.b BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
krystal.b BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"you can guide me into a rainbow, but ill know.. the colors will blind me..duh"
"dont hate me cuz im beautiful"
"dont hate, just look and dream"
"I feel disliked by you, if true, id appreciate you to focus your hatred on someone else,thnx"

Why dont you believe me when i tell you that i love you?
why do you decieve me when you know your the only one?
you tell me that you love me over and over again
but when i say it back to you,there is silence from your end!
i dont understand you, why are you being like this?
i would think youd be happy to hear me say i love you
but it just turns out that your not
i only wish the best for me
that goes for you as well
i think its time for us to break up
i feel like im trapped in hell
all because of you
you say its not true
but if youd just see the way you act
youd know how i feel
and it would all be real
and you would want me back
so its goodbye for now
maybe forever
who knows, its hard to tell
when you grow up,get alittle older
than we can talk about us once more...
goodbye <3

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