June 2, 2011
By megss09 PLATINUM, Abilene, Texas
megss09 PLATINUM, Abilene, Texas
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"When all else is gone, God is left. Nothing changes Him."

On either side of me are willow trees lining this unpaved road
Well worn, well traveled dirt whispering its stories
Underneath this canopy I am sheltered from the sun
It should be blinding, but the leaves shield my eyes
Soft Breeze drifts between us
Spinning secrets like I’ve never seen before
The leaves don’t rustle the way that they should
They clap and clang and clatter with vicious intent
The good this faded yellow light did for me is fleeting
Because what hangs from the lovely branches
Is what I thought I buried deep, deep, deep
Escaped from my prison and into a new cage
A crystal clear bottle shining, shimmering, swinging
Soft Breeze comes again
Secrets dance from tongue to lips to open air
Ransomed once before, they won’t return here
So I stare at them staring back at me
Their breaths are my own, poisoned oxygen now
It’s a race to see who falters first
It won’t be me, won’t be me, be me
There are thousands of them hanging from the branches
My mind is a million places
Every glass a memory, a haunted memory
Soft Breeze let me free

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