June 2, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s summertime and I’m excited.
It’s time for friends, family, and love.
It’s time for fun.
It’s time to say goodbye to and hello to freedom.
Its summertime and we’re fifteen.
You’re happy, I’m happy, we’re all happy.
You’re smiling, I’m faking a smile for you, and yon know what I’m doing.
You frown and ask me what’s wrong, I say it’s nothing, all you do is say okay and try smile for me, and it doesn’t work.
It happens again and again over and over, this gets to you,
You ask why I won’t tell you what’s wrong, I say that it’s stupid and I don’t want you to worry about something so stupid,
You say that you want to help no matter how stupid it may be, I ask why, you start to stutter then you yell that you love me and start cry,
I repeat what you said in a questioning way ever so quietly, you say yes, I smile the biggest, most genuine smile I can and say I love you too,
You look up and say really, I say yes and tell you that I was upset because I thought you loved someone else.
You smile, I smile, we are so happy.
We talk all the time.
You call me, I call you, and we get on everyone’s nerves with our glue-like, bond-like, loving relationship.
We fight, we argue, we love each other.
Its summer and we’re married.
We’ve broken up, we’ve made up.
You proposed, I said yes.
Our friends and family were so happy for us.
Its summertime and we have twins.
I named one arabella or beautiful alter, you named one Isabella because it was the first pretty name you could think of besides mine, I thought it was so nice when you said that.
Its summertime and they have super huge crushes on their friends.
They talk like we did, they walk like we did, and they act like we did.
Its summertime and they’re fifteen.
I see myself in our beautiful daughter, you see yourself in their friends.
They asked us what to do.
I told Isabella and arabella that they should tell them how they felt, you told Calvin and Kevin that they should tell them how they feel but don’t break any hearts in the process.
Its summer and their together.
The girls followed my advice, the boys followed yours.
We’re so happy for them and so are their friends.
Their friends say that it’s about time like our friends did.
Its summer and our baby girls are wives.
I’m so proud and happy, you were too happy for mere words.
Its summertime and we’re grandparents.
Its summertime and this is where everything has and will begin.

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