It hurts for I

June 5, 2011
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It hurts, for I:

Fell and scraped my knee for you. For you.

It hurts, for I:

Tried to fix it with antibacterial ointment, but only made a mess.

It hurts, for I:

Had a napkin to wipe the blood that flowed from this bloody gash,
but no napkin to wipe the tears that burned my eyes.

It hurts, for I:

Saw you hovering above me. Your hand deep in your pockets.
Instead of extended to my rescue.

It hurts, for I:

Noticed your pain. And your desire to soothe me.
Yet I knew you wouldn’t help.
I had always known… you wouldn’t help.

It hurts, for I:

Understood that you weren’t meant to be my savior.
And that no matter how much I cry, and try, you never will be my savior.

But most of all, It hurts for I …

Am still in pain. And really don’t want to be.

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