I Cry{10.29.10}

June 1, 2011
By DanaiJanelle SILVER, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
DanaiJanelle SILVER, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
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the tears rapidly slide down my cheek looking for a place to land,
I reach up and gently wipe them with my hands
but more continues to fall down rapidly like a waterfall
&& once again I reach my hand up hoping to get rid of them all
I cry so quietly for you cannot hear my voice
I glance at my hands and notice it is moist
But I shall not change the pattern of my tears
For I have found the one, and it took years
He was always here, helping me be me
But all those years, I simply couldn't see
So now I sit in the beautiful night with hands full of tears
&& smile, glance at the shining stars, knowing he'll always be here

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