Confessions of a lonely girl{02.02.10}

June 1, 2011
I wake up from my bed in a room to myself no one is here but me some say being alone is good for one's health however it only causes me to bleed I punish myself when I misbehave so the cuts are so very deep above my head the red flag must wave 'cause I'm abusive though you won't here a peep I am a silent, lonely killer so be very afraid 'cause I cannot control my anger you might think I need aid 'cause I have placed myself in danger the one I love doesn't love me too causing my cuts to bleed more but cutting myself is the only thing left to do 'cause my poor heart is already sore my lover is the only one to keep me from this pain no else cares enough to take away my gun my lover is the only one who can keep me sane however thee had failed and my heart is now done one shot in the chest, NOW you hear me cry with the loneliness I encountered, I just had to die with the cuts and gun wound it was my time with that gun to my chest, I committed my first crime.

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