Come Out and Play!

June 1, 2011
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Do you know what happened?
Back in 1970?
No? well then aren’t you in for a surprise.

Though it’s a place full of pink and gold,
Upon graceful land and curvy hills,
It has an oh so dark past.

These walls and halls,
They fill with blood and tears,
Screams and bad dreams.

There were only 3,
Or so it seemed?
5 months alone, can you handle it?

The sound of a type writer echoed
in the empty room,
tap tap click.

Zooming down halls and speeding down halls,
pleading faster and faster,
only to come to a quick halt.

Two girls dressed in powdered blue
Greet you in every hall,
only to ask you to come play with them forever.

Just remember never enter room 237,
For there is a crazy waiting in there for you,
She’s not as she appears.

Oh and by the way, honey i’m home,
And ready to play so come on out,
Or I’ll huff and puff and blow the door down.

With a swing of an axe by a crazy man
The only thing to do is run and hide.

come back don’t you want to play? because you know,
All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy!

So just some helpful hints to the guests
drink lots of RED RUM,
But don't look in the mirrors.

Also try not to get lost in all the
Zig and Zags of the twisty maze,
Or you could be the next garden gnome.

But please don’t be afraid,
The spirits will come and play,
And how knows...

Maybe you could be the next shining.

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