Midnight is the Place

June 1, 2011
By NicolasKrito BRONZE, Falmouth, Maine
NicolasKrito BRONZE, Falmouth, Maine
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"When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less." -Humpty Dumpty, from Alice in Wonderland

Ah, midnight
That time of day
Where Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
All get together
To talk for a minute

Yesterday is the stubborn one
He’ll never change
No matter what you do
So it’s useless to get angry at him

He is the wisest of the group
You should listen to him
Even if he is a little uncomfortable
He still has lessons to teach
And you have lessons to learn

Tomorrow is the dreamer
He always hopes for the best
Even when the best
Seems so far away

He can be hard to read at times
Nobody fully understands him
Don’t worry, though
Everyone gets to know Tomorrow better
In time

Today is a man of action
What’s going on?
What can we do?
What can we do NOW?

Caught in between Yesterday and Tomorrow
Between the real and the unreal
The has-been and the yet-to-be
The definite
And the infinite

Today is a chance
For success
Or failure
But most often
A mixture of both

And so they talk
And cry over Yesterday’s sad story
And laugh at Today’s great new joke
And ponder Tomorrow’s deep questions

They have a great time, too
Midnight is the place
For the past, present, and future
To get along with each other

Midnight only lasts for a minute
The three must go their separate ways

Yesterday heads off to the museums
He’s a bit vain
And he likes seeing himself
Everywhere he looks

Nobody really knows where Tomorrow goes
He just floats off
Like a balloon
His head in the clouds
His feet not even touching the ground

And Today
Today continues on
Through the good and the bad
The fun and the sadness
The laughter and the tears

Today lives

The author's comments:
I think there's a little bit of midnight in all of us...

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