Thank You

June 1, 2011
The melody of sarcasm
Hanging on your lips
A poke and a jab
As you skillfully peel back
The layers I so carefully constructed

This was not unlike every other moment
In which you accompanied me
The last was no different than the first
And all which fell in between

If only life could be relived
Time reversed and replayed
If only you knew
How much I appreciated
How much you helped

Never has one person
Shared such inspiration
Never has my life been touched
In the way of your less than delicate touch

I'm indebted to you
More than you ever knew
A few spoken words
Many more better left unsaid

However those few words
Always fell silent
Suspended in the air between us
The few words kept in selfishness
Rather than faith in omission

What you never knew
Is that you saved me
What I never said
Was "thank you"

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