I Wish.

June 12, 2011
i wish that people could see other people for who they are. i wish that the one favorite dream that you ever had could come true. i wish that who you are could appear on skin. i wish that people couldnt judge the future by the past. i wish to stay away from the people that would hurt me. all is true. if personality showed itself on skin, i would be one of the prettiest people. if people saw me for who i am , they wouldnt want to loose me. if my most favorite dream came true, then id be extremely thankful. if the future wasnt judged by the past, then id be in a happy state of mind. if i could somehow stay away from the people who would hurt me, then my life wouldnt be as complicated as it is now. but this is all of my mostly paid attention to wishes, i have plenty more. theese are all wishes. instead of personality on skin, im trapped in my body. instead of seeing me for me, people look at me. instead of my dreams coming true, they head the opposite direction. instead of being optimistic about future, they sit strait forward on the idea which is false information. instead of avoiding those who would hurt me, i attract them.

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Nicole67 said...
Apr. 30, 2012 at 2:04 pm
I like your writing but you should re-read it before posting it because there are some spelling and grammar errors.  It could hurt the chances of being submitted into the magazine.
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