June 11, 2011
By Elizabeth Bengel BRONZE, Cold Spring, New York
Elizabeth Bengel BRONZE, Cold Spring, New York
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“X” dance track defines the season,
As seen on playlist of gem who loiters around hallway without reason
Never again will you simply put on a headband
Find yourself questioning RIGHT QUICK the rationale of the decision
Not everyone has the time in the morning
But priorities vary from one gal to the next!
“Early to bed, early to rise,” so I can study
Or maybe just attempt to tame
My hair.

An urge, a hasty occurrence, an ill-conceived plan of action
Regardless, it worked! Now presenting: opportunity to show off back tan!
You have persistence; I’ll say that for you
After all, if it were me, I’d have to adjust my shoe[s]
“Pride is temporary, Pain is forever”
Got those hackneyed expressions written ‘cross the back of a sweater
Rippled tendrils, skin so clear,
Go already!
So I can be the favored contender.

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