Ghetto Project Sisters

June 14, 2011
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Long hair, short hair, blue or yellow hair we don’t care
they still stare,
fear in there eyes,
scared that if they say a word, they’ll soon be low on the ground with the birds,
Blue, green, orange, red or purple,
Crilic or natural, nails always stay done,
From American eagles to the true religions,
Jeans always the best of the best,
Chains to the earrings, bracelets to the piercings,
Jewelry is something we cant live without,
Has to be gold cause silver begins to look old,

Jeans tight,
Hugging my hips,
Shirt fitting right,
Showing my curves,
Some of us got blessed up top while others down bottom
Either way we still got them staring wishing they mama gave them what we got
Lip gloss always on point
Apple blossom green right from Victoria Secret
Eyebrows stay done
Ming Wah always does a bomb job
The way we walk, the way we talk,
We always got em throwing shade,

We don’t do nothing that will make us look bad,
Actions always based on smart choices
Words never trashy
Mama taught us well so we know right from wrong,
Keep our words classy
Swearing in every sentence aint for us
Showing our intelligence is a must and some day it’ll get us off the bus

Always got each others back
Were sisters and will catch you with out trap,
Best believe we will snap
But that’s something we don’t do on the regular
Fighting aint cute, we got these people on mute anyways
Makes you look bad

We all know family comes first, nigguhs don’t control us
We know we need to respect ourselves
Don’t cry over friends lost because new friends are gained
Mistakes are things we learn from
Never regret, just focus on the future

We doing the damn thing
Never stopping cause we heading to the top

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