Remember the Days

June 1, 2011
By pologirl2 BRONZE, San Diego, California
pologirl2 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I remember the days
When we had nothing to be afraid of
No stress, no worries
Just hair
Blown back by the continuous whirling and twirling
In the warm summer winds
The vast ocean waves threatening our toes
As we watch the sun set, fiery oranges against the blue sky
I remember the times
When we could be, whoever we wanted to be
Best friends in an instant
No walls of judgment
No questions asked
Hard work and college locked away in our minds
Waiting to be set free by our gradual growth and maturity
I remember the years
When all we wanted to do was grow up
Trying so hard to wish away our youth
Now trying so hard to recall when everything started to matter
Oh how it felt to be so young and naive
What I would give to go back
Back to climbing trees and scrapped up knees
That never actually seemed to hurt
Although these memories are fading
Slowly drifting farther and farther each day
I must try to remember
Remember the days

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