May 31, 2011
By AlexanderBorst BRONZE, Madison, Mississippi
AlexanderBorst BRONZE, Madison, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
"Give me pain if that's what's real, it's the price we pay to feel." -Next to Normal

In, out.
In, out.
Constantly, the lungs channel used air through their systems.

We all have lungs.

with the magnitude of an earthquake,
the heart pumps the blood and fills itself with oxygen the lungs willingly provide.

We all have a heart.

Faster than light,
the most complicated thing in the universe,
the brain picks apart the world to create our realities.

We all have a brain.

showing color and light to the beholder,
the eyes show us what beauty is, and also love.

We all have eyes.

Softly, I surrender,
to the unscathable enigma before me,
the rippling truth that suddenly brings itself into focus.

human beings,
capable of love and eons more.

We are human.

The author's comments:
This is one of my favorite pieces that I have written. It is about the capability of human beings to love, and how be are essentially all the same. In a sense, it bonds humanity into one group and doesn't break humans into groups of blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, homeless people, gays, murderers, thieves, politicians, talk show hosts, teenagers, or adults. It unifies them with the ever so common theme of love.

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