Blind Fury

May 31, 2011
By dmul1993 BRONZE, San Diego, California
dmul1993 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I am the orchestrator of your fate in the torture chamber
The orphan maker
With the power to twist the force of nature.
But this isn’t a miracle and this isn’t a prayer
No hands together facing god with my chin in the air
There’s no online class that will get you fully prepared
So there’s no shame if my aura is leaving you brutally scared
Cuz’ my presence will leave you in shits creek.
Six feet
Fish Feed
Mince Meat
History …
So let’s get specific, your whole existence is facetious
Cuz on the split tip you will get dismissed
By this sadistic wiz kid
While I rip this whole world swifter than rich kids with gifts on Christmas.
It’s getting kind of hard to fight of these psychopathic urges
Because I don’t just let off steam
I let out pyroclastic surges

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