His charm

May 31, 2011
By Anonymous

A ride through mountains
An evening under stars
Then suddenly, BOOM! He’s gone
Pain scorches her skin
Loss burns through her soul
Suddenly something is found that will change her forever
A small little charm and nothing more
A charm that his love for it was eternal
And through her life of pain and loss
The girl carried his little charm
For years and years it stayed with her.
For years and years she would not let it go.
And yet everything must end
Everything disappears in its time
And so when that little charm got lost in the sea
The waves came back through her tears
She cried and screamed and felt such pain
The town itself seemed to fill of sadness and despair
Now as destiny would have it
Decades after the fact
A certain charm showed up in a young girl’s hat
Excited she was and ran for her mother to see
If only she knew her mother and it had history.
Old pain began to burn
And old suffering she felt resurfacing
Before she smiled and realized “enough!
Wrinkles cover my once young brow
And age has given wisdom to my mind.
This charm is who I was so long ago
And belongs to someone I do not belong to anymore.
Farewell young lover! Farewell sweet knight!”
And with that she threw the charm deep into the night

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