May 31, 2011
By RyderMafiosi BRONZE, Miami, Florida
RyderMafiosi BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Crunching, Ceilings and protective Sheets.
Adrenaline, pumping through me
Inside me as a dormant fear gnaws away at my courage
Leaving my heart to rage inside my ribcage thumping and thrashing
Squeezing through the bars of its captivating prison
Swelling, my voice is strained and mangled within my throat
No lips may utter a plea for salvation
Foot pounds assaulting my side as I clutch and dig my nails into the comfort of sheets
Eyes giving way to rivers and streams of ocean water
My heart ceases its infernal rage against my chest
Slowing, and slowly retreating to pump relief through my veins
The warm feeling of skin against skin once again saves my soul
Fear, Adrenaline, And tears mingled together for a state of loss
Loss of love, loss of the secure shelter in lovers arms
My castle, my kingdom, built in arms and eyes that watch me like towers
Smothered beneath my unfaced fear, fear of the ever-living solitude
Solitude that is to intrude if he was to walk away and leave me home-less
On the streets with wide glass eyes, pan-handling kisses as change to feed this hunger
To be needed, wanted, a part of something, or someone
My fear, Losing the only thing I’ve ever truly needed

The author's comments:
Cant lose the ones i love

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