May 31, 2011
By Claud R BRONZE, Homestead, Florida
Claud R BRONZE, Homestead, Florida
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Who ever thought time could fly so fast,
Never did I see myself telling you goodbye.
The end of a chapter,the beginning of a new.
A beginning where am no longer with you.
I have changed,& so have you.
Things are not what they used to be,
& you know thats true.
Ive gone through pain,but nothing like yours.
I wonder if it was all my fault,
because i wasn't mature.
I know you'll probably say,
"Don't say that your wrong"
But i can't help think that maybe it was so.
I understand is time for me to move on,
but sadly enough i just can't let this feeling go.
I miss how we used to be,
how everything was just US.
But hey i know your part of the norm,
and to you people's assumptions are valued much more.
And am fine with it,
I knew this too well.
I knew what i was getting into,
the day i told you how i felt.
Don't feel bad because it wasn't your fault,
I just wish things could go back,
but thats not happening...I know.
So i guess all am left with,
is you as a 'friend'.
But you don't know how much i miss the you,
I met before we came to "THE END".

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