(Ex)Best Friends

May 31, 2011
By LivelyGabbi SILVER, Longmont, Colorado
LivelyGabbi SILVER, Longmont, Colorado
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the truth is, everyone you meet will hurt you at one point or the other, but you just need to decide who is worth the pain

It’s a door you’ve left open
A promise that you’ve broken
Said you’d never leave me
Now you’re gone and I can’t sleep

Where’d you go? Where’s the friend that I loved so?
You’ve been gone for months but I’m still holdin on
We haven’t talked in a few days,
But i’m still here

You’ve left me broken and crying
We were best friends once, now you’re gone.
You left months ago, I let go days ago
Feels like it’s been an eternity
Called you crying, said I missed you.
You said you’d make it better, then you hung up the phone.

Now I’m lost with out you
And I cant keep my head on straight.
To stubborn to say hi first, I deleted your number.
Pathetic I know, I’ve got it memorized.

You came back around, begging me to forgive you.
This is the third time we’ve done this now,
A few days pass and you’re screaming at me again.
I can’t help screaming back.

You went to far, you said to much.
I know I’m to blame to but I can’t do this anymore.
All this fighting is making me sick.
I love you forever, but tonight it’s over.

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