May 31, 2011
By LivelyGabbi SILVER, Longmont, Colorado
LivelyGabbi SILVER, Longmont, Colorado
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the truth is, everyone you meet will hurt you at one point or the other, but you just need to decide who is worth the pain

It gets harder every time to keep lying.
All these sleepless nights keep getting longer.
It seems I’m drowning in my thoughts, already dead inside.
You keep my life from ending.

Best friend of mine, I know you're hurting.
Look at you with circles under your eyes.
I know you were up all night again, I know you were crying.
Just stop with the lying

Send these walls crumbling down.
Save me from this suffocating pain.
Choking me, binding me, holding me down.
Lost, I can't find my way out.

I feel so helpless, so lost. How can i help if you won't let me in.
it's like a battle I could never win.
I saw you with tears in you're eyes, insisting you were fine.
your not hiding those scars. But you won't stop with the lies.

Disbelief in your pleas. I know it’s a lie.
Doesn't mean a thing.
Alone before you, Alone I'll remain.
Help? Who could care about me.

how can i make you see that I love you.
you're my friend and i care. It kills me to see you in so much pain.
let me help you, even though I'm not sure what I can do.
but anything is something right?

Please answer the phone. I need you now.

I'm here for you always anything you need.

Don't leave me alone, I'm ready to let you in.

I'm on my way over, you'll never be alone again.

The author's comments:
Someone asked me to write this, so I did haha

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