We need our minds; like they need us.

May 31, 2011
We notice the deaths of our once beloved; days where we spent together happy.
We never say we love the things they did; nor do we recognize them, at the time.
We look no further to find them, we ignore there ever longing,
but when they reach out to us, we shelter from there site.
We do not bother asking what is wrong; if if we care in our minds,
our decision never alters, even if it is what is best,
we tend to never notice, what our loved ones really ask,
we tend to do what we want, and it is never whats best.
Trying to find an alternitive, though, is actually harder, then the truth.
Finding love, for the first time was impossoble, finding it again, is even harder.
We need to join together and find a common bond,
we need to build our hearts our minds, with things for both us and others.

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