The Shadow Man

May 31, 2011
Your silhouette behind the trees,
The darkness thickening around my feet,
You’re everywhere, haunting me.
A wraith colored black and gray,
Forever young, you’ve stayed the same,
Always there – won’t you go away?
Piercing steel eyes shining without light,
Hair so black envious tears a raven would cry,
Cold beauty covering a colder heart plaguing the night,
Power so great yet you hide from the Sun,
Add warmth and happiness and your curse: undone.
In the dark and despair is where lies your “fun”.
The others before me call you the Shadow Man.
All blackness in the world leaks from your hand.
Now your eyes are on me; I’d run but I can’t.
You’ve trapped me in some mystical way.
I know of your terror and yet I stay.
Even when I try to escape, I just can’t get away.
You’re everywhere, around every corner I turn.
In the corner of my eye, your shadow burns.
There’s no escape though how I yearn.
Something in you pulls at me, keeps me close by.
I wonder if I could change you; I know I must try.
You see, Shadow Man, you’re on the wrong side.

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