Ode to a Kiwi

June 9, 2011
By penny3548 SILVER, Harker Heights, Texas
penny3548 SILVER, Harker Heights, Texas
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Thou art a magnificent master masked by a mangy monster
Thy scrubbly shell shields a sweet, squishy center
Thou art frustratingly firm in some furrows
But shockingly squashed in others
Thy brown-barbed bristles barely breathe belief
To the tart tangy fruit that trembles internally
Aye, indeed! I perceive thy slime-green layer quivering under that poky coat
Mais, oui! I see the shedding, spiky feathers are but a ruse
Thy crescent-crafted shadows give one conceptions of a cast-iron character
Thy abrasive roughness is deceiving to the non-believers
But I who see all, I who know all
I condemn thee with the criminal charge of cheating!
Thou art an infuriating, flippery fraud!
Thy gentle, generous personality cannot be so deeply hid
Thy sweet, sumptuous splendor is unsurprisingly subtle!
But yet I know thee for what thou art
Thy devious means cannot be from me diverted
I see thee- thou cannot be concealed another moment
Monsieur le Kiwi…je te connais

The author's comments:
Inspired by a kiwi

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