C. Galen George

June 9, 2011
By , Lake stevens, WA
You never wanted help
You never told anyone the secrets that you held inside
You never thought anything was wrong
You never opened up to me

Now we have been left
Now we are broken
Now we can never believe
Now we hold your depression

I couldn't know how to help anyways
I wish I did
I would have done anything to keep you for myself
I know that your never coming back

Now I am wishing
Now I am left guessing
Now I am left with scares that will never leave
Now I am left with nothing but horrible memories

She never saw it coming
She always saw you as happy
She wishes and prays to wake up
She doesn't want to live with-out you

Now she cries
Now she can't move on
Now she can't deal with the pain you left her
Now she numbs herself

You are a horrible person
You are the most selfish thing in the world
You are dead
You are no longer my father

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