June 9, 2011
Freezing and shivering
Rubbing my arms and legs, pimpled with cold, trying to warm up
Please God, just a little, just a little warmer,
It’s too cold, I can’t
Can’t feel control please God
Watch gleaming ash touch the air
Extinguished before I can touch it
Closer to fire, to warmth
Thank you, God, but
Thank you for the fire, God, but
I’m still so cold
Maybe a little closer
Just a little
Don’t want to burn no no
Just a little bit closer
Fire licks at me
Inviting me to join
If only I could get a little closer then I could truly be warm
Still so cold
Just a bit closer
One more step, and then I’ll stop
But it’s still not warm enough
If I’m a little closer to the fire and its heat
Oh, warm.
Please, God, please help, I’m burning.

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