Hurting Me

June 9, 2011
By , Orchard Park, NY
was always you're strong point
because I was too young
to know that you weren't right.
So everything you said,
eventually soaked in,
and I had no choice
but to believe it.
You scared me out of
defending myself.
So the marks that you left,
I hid from everyone else.
You stripped me of my self-esteem.
Made me love everyone but me,
Yes Daddy, that includes you.
Despite what you think,
I never hared you.
I saw your body fall apart
and watched as the pills piled up.
But tell me Daddy,
were you really angry at me?
Or did you just hate yourself
so much
that it made you hate me?
Or was it because
I'm not really you're daughter?
Are you bitter because God gave you
one gay son
and one mentally disabled?
And that just didn't fit
into your marine core mold.
But believe me, I was bitter too.
But for whole different
reasons than you.

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