The Ocean

June 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Just feeling the sand grind between my toes
And hear the crash of a clear blue wave pounding against the shore brings a smile to my face
The smell of salt water clearing your air ways
And the cool of the ocean tickling your toes is refreshing
For just one moment you can listen to the rhythm of the ocean
The beating waves, the bird’s song, and the sand’s shake just seem to all fit together
Everything from the warmth of the sun to the sting of the sand
It’s just you and the blue horizon stretching as far as you can see
To the left and right for miles
Giving you a glimpse of how big the world really is
Just to know the feeling of the ocean makes me want to go there
Just to feel the spray of a crashing wave
The breeze of the day
And the smooth of the sand
Can take my mind to a place it loves

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