June 9, 2011
By , Martin, MI
A Destiny, a want, a need, love, hope, faith, something to help me! Something to show the way. Giving me strength to hold on, not to end my life.
A Destiny for my life to be as if I were the sun, like a rainbow bursting unicorns, singing love songs. The sun as if it were cheese that filled your tummy, joy of the sweet pouring mist of rain with a double rainbow and gold at the end
My wants are as troubled as a druggie in need of pot, like an addiction that haunts you night, day, mornin, you just cant stand it, I hate it, I cant stand it, a want that will never be a need.
A need is everything, not drugs, cigarettes, cutting, or even suicide, its Jesus, friends, a second hand family!! Nothing more, only what I need, not a want, nothing less, nothing more, a need is everything right in front of your eyes, just look.
Other things together, is what I need, what you need! Love, hope, faith are three key things, just look and see, all the bliss, memories, fun-times, its all here. Love is your family, life, everything your committed to. Faith is, God, how you see your life as if you see the sun as a guide to a better, healthy life. Hope is the day after tomorrow, the next day until your buried in that old, rotten ground, that last sweet breath, as you fall into the arms of whatever you want. Nothing could take this Destiny away from you, only yourself, only your Destiny you control. I love my Destiny now. Destiny is one of its own, this cant be controlled by anybody but me, because I want an amazing Destiny.

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ilovepoetry said...
Jul. 2, 2011 at 12:57 pm
WOW im just in love with this one <3
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