June 9, 2011
By Anonymous

The memories I have are so perfectly clear
They never seem to fade away
I want them gone and never to return
I don’t know why there stuck in my mind

I want them gone
The memories are nothing but pain
I try moving on from what all happened
But yet I can’t
Every time I look at you
I always remember

Memories of me being scared
Memories of me crying myself to sleep every day
Memories of never wanting to be home
Memories of watching you yell
Memories of watching us fade away
Memories of me wanting to leave

You broke the bond that a family supposes to have
I wanted you gone
I wanted you away
I wanted my family back
But with out you

Without you there a sense of relief
I’m happy
I am my self without you around
I feel free
All I ever wanted was to be happy and free
But with you I can never be

You never wanting to be with us
It seemed like you never cared
Even though you were there
It seemed like you weren’t

Being home was the worst
Never wanting to look at you
Never wanting anything with you
I felt alone; I had no one at that place
I felt like I was nothing
I felt like nothing would ever get better

I cried every night,
Praying something good would come
Nothing ever did
My hopes were fading away by every minute

Now the only thing I remember from my childhood
Is the pain and hurt you put me through
I still look at you till this day
Wondering if you feel sorry
You tore my family apart
You tore me apart

The only thing I want to get rid of is the memories

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