Poem 1,2 and3

June 9, 2011

Dude – this homework puts me in a funky mood

I have started poem one, but I have two more to go,

So of course when I asked to go to the movie, my mom said no.

If I didn’t wait until the last minute

I would already be done with it.

Wait! What is that I hear?

Yeah! Summer vacation is near!


Poem two got me out of some chores,

But I still have to vacuum the floors.

I keep making a list of other things to do,

But first things first is to finish poem number two.

I could fill the lines with a lot of non sense,

But the teacher might think I am dense

However, I could bribe my brother

To not tell my mother

That I am taking my time at the computer to read Facebook and more

And playing Nerf basketball behind my bedroom door.


It’s really hard to finish my homework with baseball on TV

And the only word that rhymes is Beachy,

It’s only the Mariners and not the Red Sox

I really like Bagels and Lox.

I am getting hungry for lunch

Hmm, or how about brunch?

I need to hurry up and get this written down,

Before my uncle gets into town.

I am going to have him take me to Dutch Bros. For Red Bull

With all the extra energy, I can tackle my homework in full.

Or get my uncle to finish it for me

And he will get a pizza for free.

My baby brother is so funny

And great it is now sunny.

I need to get out there before it rains and hit some baseballs

I could play that game until the end of fall.

I keep stopping my homework to watch TV,

I found another word that rhymes, A.D.H.D.

I can’t just hold still and sit,

Maybe this last line is it?

Yes, I am done with Poem Three

My time is served and I am free.

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