Change isn't always bad

June 9, 2011
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You say you love us,
But I never think you mean it,

I like to think you do,
But you never seem to show it.

I’ve been with you since I was born,
March 25, 1997,
But you always make it seem like you’d be better off without us.

My life would be different with out you.
Though there’d be A LOT less stress,
I would really miss you.

You use to always make us laugh,
You were always happy.
But you’ve changed,
You’ve changed a lot.

It seems as if you’re not happy anymore,
As if you’d just wish we’d leave.
I’ve cried millions of times because of you,
You’re not the same.
You’ve truly changed.

We don’t want to be around your negativity.
You’re never happy,
But you make it so we can’t be.

You’ve got a job; you’ve got a family,
What more could you need?

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