June 9, 2011
By DawnKrenn PLATINUM, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
DawnKrenn PLATINUM, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Squeeze my lungs,
exhale a life undone.
Worry chases after me,
Its shrill echo wafts,
and strikes my drum.

Stressful hands of pain-
strain my heavy heart,
they drain my weary mind.
Chaos chokes my broken soul-
Suffocation. Asphyxiation.

Crimson tear finger prints,
drip in sync with the ticks and tocks,
of passing years.
Yesterday falls down like acid rain.

Tomorrow Melts into today.
My burnt up wick shrinks,
in dancing shadows.
Seal my mouth with blistered wax,
to muffle whispered shouts.

Dream catcher,
thief of butterflies.
I’m on empty,
fill me up with lies.

Hand me bricks for my head to carry.
Weigh me down with boulders of discretion.
Hold my head below shaky seas.
Slice my wrists with barbed wire,
constrict my arms from reaching out.
And bury my mangled body,
beneath poisoned ivy.

Hand me the world,
hide it’s despair with red ribbon.
Duct tape:
her weary oceans,
gray lands,
and heavy clouds-
to my aching back.
I’ll pretend I’m strong,
until I quake and crack.

Slimy leaches,
bleed me dry.
Paint heavy smiles on my face.
Squeeze out tears of disgrace.

Rays of yellow rage,
beat down me down,
and scorch me black.

Drooping daffodils,
Bind my ankles,
with roots of angst.

Silk soaked clouds,
strike me down with their thunder,
and color heavens wonders gray.
Blind my eyes.
Rip up blue skies.
Tear out green grass.
Dry up crystal streams.
Crush snowy mountains.
Ruin dreams.
Make me the world’s support beam.

Spin me on the Ferris-wheel.
Creaking and groaning,
in one exhausted circle.
Cold night air slaps my face,
and chaps my silent lips,
until they crack,
and leak copper secrets.

Stalks me.
Terrorizes me.
Weakens me.
Strengthens me.

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