June 11, 2011
By Zach Nichols SILVER, Waco, Texas
Zach Nichols SILVER, Waco, Texas
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I awake.
A sea of black in all directions,
Complete darkness.
I rise,
Legs shaking,
Throwing my hands out for any sign of help.
I take a fearful step.
My foot sinks into nothing,
Gravity pulling me with it.
I scream.
Laughter echoes in the distance.
A glimpse of light catches my eye.
I plummet towards it,
My breath catching in my lungs.
I crash into reality.

I awake.
A sea of black in all directions.
I scurry to my feet.
My eyes scan the "ground",
A red footprint residing in front of me.
I slowly touch it,
A searing pain reaching my finger almost instantly.
The light appears again.
I can finally see my surroundings.
I am in a forest.
A syringe lies on the ground next to me.
"Escape" written on the cylinder.
I pick it up slowly,
Leading it toward my arm,
Inserting the needle into my vein.
The word "Escape" fades into another word.
I plummet.

I awake.
An endless forest in all directions.
I almost instantly rise to my feet.
The five letter word echoing all around me.
"Whore! Whore!"
I take steps forward,
Landing on solid ground this time.
I start to run,
But I am slowed down to a walking pace.
I look around the area,
Dead bodies lining the trees.
They all have the same word written on them.
Sweat forms on my forehead.
I turn my attention to the rugged path ahead of me.
I begin to pick up speed,
The wind not slowing me down.
I begin to sprint.
A rustle in the trees catches my ears.
I look to the side.
My head hits a blunt object.
My vision fades to black.

I awake.
I am bound by the ankles.
My hands are nailed to an intersecting board.
I am crucified.
I hooded figue stands in front of me.
He laughs.
I curse at him.
He conjures the light from his hands.
It suspends as an orb in the air.
He grasps his hood, removing it.
I am staring at myself.

I awake.

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