Fallen for the wrong guy

June 11, 2011
By RealPam1992 GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
RealPam1992 GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
What you'll be in the future isn't limited to what you are now.

Relationships suck
It's like a moodswing roller coaster
Even on the good days
One second you're excited and inlove
The next second you feel crushed and unloved
Why can't a relationship be one big happy bond all the time?
Are the happy moments even worth the sad feelings after?
If this is what liking a person feels like, i don't think i ever want to be in love
Or maybe this isn't what a real relationship feels like
Maybe i feel this way because
I've fallen for the wrong guy

The author's comments:
My graduation is next week and i'm not really excited because i'm in this mood. I felt writing about it would help it feel better. And it did, a little

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