A World Without You

June 10, 2011
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Once upon a time
You said that you would never hurt me
You lied

Even though it’s summer
I still feel the cold finger tips of winter
Grazing my face
Leaving me shivering and cold

Your arms were the walls that protected me
Your eyes were the deep pits that I fell into
Your laughter was the sweet sound that kept me awake
And your heart was the only thing that kept me alive
Gravity no longer held me to the ground
You held me to the ground

A world without you is a world that is lonely
A world that is sad
A world that is empty
A world that I can’t bear to be a part of

I feel as if something is dragging me beneath the water
I struggle as hard as I can
Yet there is nothing I can do
It is too late
I have submerged
While I gasp for air
I don’t think about living
I’m not afraid
There is only one thought on my mind; one name
Its yours

Once upon a time
I told you that I loved you
I still do

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