June 10, 2011
By elliebelly27 BRONZE, Fryeburg, Maine
elliebelly27 BRONZE, Fryeburg, Maine
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Mosquito, Mosquito O how you fly
around and around as the day goes by
There are so many of you I can hardly see
you never ever let me be
You land everywhere from my head to toes
sometimes you even fly up my noise
I swat and swat to get you away
but some how you always seem to stay
Mosquito, Mosquito O how you bit
I can not even put up a fight
You leave me coved in little red dots
that are surrounded by itchy spots
Your bug bites leave me in so much pain
it almost drives me insane
Mosquito, Mosquito O how you say your good byes
I will not miss you with your crazy eyes

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