June 9, 2011
By Joel. BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Joel. BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
Pain is weakness leaving the body.
God is love<3

All of the screaming in the night
That one thing, “it” is looking for someone
You think that someone is you
You hear all of the children crying in the night
But there is no sight of the thing that is looking for you
All you can see is the street lights in the distance

You may not be scared
But you think you have to pay the price
You don’t know what the price is
But still you are not afraid

You can hear “it” down the corner
The dogs are barking in the backyards
The wind picks up

You can see “it” in the distance
It’s taller than a tower
“It” is looking straight at you

The weather is changing drastically like a hurricane is coming
Now you begin to cringe in fear
As it comes closer and closer
You begin to freeze
Wondering what to do next

You run down the street
The rain has picked up
You can still feel the thing coming for you
You fear turning around
Just as you think you have lost “it”, think again

As you are running you just now notice that something is stabbing you
You reach in your pocket
And pull it out
You have realized what this whole thing is about
In your mind you must think what to do
First you look around to see if you know where you are
It is kind of hard while you are running
But you catch a glimpse of a street sign
It says “J Street”
You draw out a small map of where you think you should go
You must take this right
Or no; is it a left?
You stop in fear for you don’t know where to go
Well that does not matter anymore for “it” has got you
You can’t get away
Your guilt has now caught you
It’s too late to take it back

The author's comments:
This took me a long time to think of how to end it without giving it away easy.

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