Boring & Lame

June 9, 2011
Boring & Lame
Dull & plain
Flat like a dessert
With a long stretch of highway in the middle
Occasionally big green fields with no cows
Cars for miles and miles to go…
Semis, trucks, and cars driving along
Signs that say “Backer city 60,” “La Grande 15”
You see the driver’s tired expressions.
Like they’ve been driving for days
Sitting in this truck,
Is like sitting in class;
Boring & pointless
If you look back, you’ll see a big white trailer
But no cars
My brother & his wife are behind us somewhere,
But you can’t see back, only in front and to the sides.
So as we are on our way,
I will sit here till we get there.
But like a said from the beginning;
Dull & plain,
Boring & lame

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