June 9, 2011
By , Kings Park, NY
Beware, I am different.
My words can puncture,
And will go straight to your heart.
They’re words of truth,
Willingly or unwillingly heard.

I have faults.
I can wilt and weep,
Just droop and decline,
Until I die,
Leaving just a memory behind.

I am a prisoner of water.
In harsh storms,
Or trembling tears.
Either way, I have seen it all.

I have seen darkness.
In the dead of night,
In the depths of people’s hearts,
And on the face of death,
As I lay upon caskets.

But the light still beckons me.
It shows me how to forgive,
How to promise,
And how to bloom.

Beauty is not what I emit on the outside,
But it is what I radiate from the inside.
True beauty lies within my core-
Within my heart.
It is the message that lies within,
That is not an illusion,
But merely just reality.

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