bus fare

June 9, 2011
By ashleyannalee GOLD, San Bernardino, California, California
ashleyannalee GOLD, San Bernardino, California, California
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i move.

and do not change.

the perpetual writhe. ellipses
of road. arcs my curving
spine. show me the bend.

the bend does not come.

we go and go

and do not stop

and cannot be.

i watch with drooping
lids the languid ebb
of a society. its head turned

forgot forgot forgot

is alone to forget.

the bone of my cheek beneath its sallow
skin knows more than i. far more
than the second turn of a forgetful head.

far far more.
stay. brittle lashes
seek cover. seek salt.

stay i say.

i am asleep. and jolt

awake. asleep
awake. swift fluid motion. the turning of heads
overtakes my own. down
the steps. step out
into the confine of head of hair

let down.

pace a twenty yard stretch of

recurring foliage. distress motion
force change. pace and keep
pacing and do not stop pacing and
pace for four years. until a wisp

fall loose.
a loose wisp. i am lost.

i pay my fare. cannot bare to

and do. drop two thoughts
through the slot. the slamming
of fists. the common cling clang
of metallic repository pleads with

self deafened ears. say
im sorry ill come back.

i never do.

but years later catch a mans virgin neck
by the collar on the side of the road and

beg. let solemnity of tone pound
your pleas into the folds of his furrowed
brow. like the reverberating pound of

those fists.

keep them your thoughts. warm
inside the deepest pocket of
your winter coat. and

walk. take to foot.

cannot bare to

and please

say you will not.

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