This Is What I'm Made For

June 8, 2011
If I was weak
I will be strong
What doesn’t kill won’t do me harm
I will succeed strong with my faith
strive for the finish line
Imma be first!

I was good at what I did
I’m getting better with what I do
But I’m exited of what I’m capable to do!
I will be the best person that I can be
I will be the person that never gives up
No looking down
something my fears had forced me to do
the punches of life hurt so bad
But I will be strong!

I was the person they wanted me to be
easily influenced in almost everything
But now, I’m the person I want to be
I’ve learned to go with my own flow
but then again
I was wrong
is not who I desire to be
I can’t be hot and then be cold
neither can I be warm
I can’t be in and can’t be out
its wrong to be satisfying the lust of the flesh
I’ve reckoned I’m better of being the person
you created me to be
Be wrong to know what’s right
Fall down to get back up
Surrounded by darkness to be the light
Be loved to love right back
I will live to worship you my God!

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