June 8, 2011
By Awrighter BRONZE, Hampton, New Hampshire
Awrighter BRONZE, Hampton, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.

I’ve found that in recent years of my life
Words don’t mean as much now
As words meant when they were written
Words like “love” and “hate”
Are used like tissues to runny noses
Flailing about in the air as
Unattended garden hoses
Words made to phrases
Passed through ages
Until we forgot why phrases were needed
A social confusion
An erosion of normal interaction
These are the things that concern me
When friendly conversation is interpreted, as premeditated thrusts
By the man in the back of the bus just looking to pass the time
Rhyme has no reason if we don’t understand the connection, Of words
Bonded by allusion, alliteration, assonance, and the mediation
Of words, Supple and full with satiation
It takes patience to use them correctly but why have words
If we squander meaning
There is feeling in words
And words without feeling
Are peeling away, at what we have left in language
Our communication., that’s not through Facebook or text
The face to face exchange that we arrange to be avoided
Because dealing with emotions is too much to ask
Bask in the so called awkward interaction
That can never happen if we pretend its not there
Because socially we are suffering
And the words a wasting away
This is not just you
This is an us thing
A we thing
When we bring
To the table what others are seeking
There is no peeking at the future
So be patient the words will get you there
Words uphold buildings and fulfill desires
That lie in the pit of our heart
Words are the vessel
Words written and read
Spoken then said
And given new meaning
And some how remaining the same
Words are taken for granted
Words handed down
Words of love
Words of hope
Words written in frustration
Words written to cope
To escape
Into the solitude and serenity
Of words

The author's comments:
I wrote this is the intrest of writing poetry. In the intrest of communication and social interaction with one another and keeping in touch with those we love and care about.

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