A Piece of Peace

June 8, 2011
By AlphaMare BRONZE, Dunnellon, Florida
AlphaMare BRONZE, Dunnellon, Florida
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"When you find youself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

The cool autumn breeze blows my hair,
A chilly taste of what is to come.
The winter: so lovely, so restful.
The breeze washes over me,
Ushering memories of past joys.
Joy is shy now, in its presence,
Meek in its arrivals.
So now, under the moon and starlit sky,
I can taste memories of a better time.
They fill me with hope and love,
And Happiness shows her face once again.
My bare feet are planted firmly on our rough deck,
The sky blue paint chipping away, uneven in the moonlight.
Yes, there is hope for this life,
Hope that can only be felt out here, on this autumn evening,
As the cool breeze rushes over me,
Warming my soul despite the cool temperature.
But life is much more than an evening outside,
In the pleasant autumn air.
The stars twinkling complacently,
The half-moon watching over her half of the world,
The pines and cedars swaying with the wind…
The world is much more than this happy place.
No longer can I linger out here, carefree.
Problems must be faced, sadness must be returned to.
So with a turn on my heels, I bid the night breeze goodbye,
And return to the darkness that is light.

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